Cabbage Rolls

Someone loves these so I had to add them. Also, they could use up the last of the bag-o-beef. This is the perfect pairing to the butternut squash pierogies I made earlier so I went looking for a good recipe. I decided upon this one. The only substitutions are the shredded cooked roast beef, brown basmati for the white rice and I used 2 tablespoons agave syrup in the sauce instead of brown sugar.

The filling smells amazing, I can’t wait for dinner!


I will bake this along with the pierogies brushed with canola oil. I’ll post a photo of my plate after dinner as well as a review of the recipes.


The Cabbage Rolls were nice, better than ground beef rolls, but the pierogies stole the show. I can’t believe I have never eaten butternut squash and it is so good.