Donut Burger

It may be the cold clouding my thinking, but this has been on my list for a while. I used Todd Wilbur’s clone of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to make the dough. It is from his book Top Secret Recipes Unlocked or you can find it here. I saw this combination on the TV show Food Paradise, doughnut edition; but I can’t find the restaurant that served it.


Anyway, I am doing this differently. I had that gyros meat and feta cheese to use up so they went into the dough before the second rising. They rose 40 minutes and then I deep fried them.


Everyone liked them and they really weren’t that hard. And only 40 grams of oil was absorbed. (I did throw a bit of oil away.) I liked the gyros and feta taste but plain meatloaf or burger patty with American cheese might be even better.

Greek Burrito

I am feeling a bit better and decided to use some gyros meat I made and froze and forgot about. I think it is turkey. I thought I would mix it with some hummus, tzatziki, and low-fat feta cheese and roll it up in Carb Balance tortillas. I decided to throw in some baby spinach.


This was a nice combination of flavors, though the meat wasn’t particularly flavorful. I will keep looking for a way to make my own gyros meat.

Turkey and Wensleydale Panini

Oh, man, what a trip! So, yesterday, on the road, I had half of a tuna footlong from Subway. It was wheat and had no cheese or sauce, except what was in the tuna, and tons of vegetables. Very good and under 500 calories. Then we went out that night and I had half of a Chile Relleno Burrito from Mi Ranchito. I think I had 3 dates from that fruit plate as well. Today we hit Taco Bell on the road and I had a Steak Gordita Supreme and then later had 3/4 of one of the protein bars I eat every day for breakfast. So, tonight I was dead tired but I had that focaccia I had made and some deli turkey and Wensleydale with cranberries and spinach, so I made this quick little sandwich and started eating, then decided to share a picture. It was quite nice, really.



When I was a kid, Thursday was taco night at our house. These were no frills, mild and delicious. What made them special was the way my mom cooked the tortillas. She dipped corn tortillas in hot oil for a short time on each side. They got hot but stayed soft. She then filled them with cooked ground beef and pinto beans. We filled them ourselves with onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Each taco then got its bottom half wrapped in a napkin and served. So that is dinner. Here is a picture of the tacos I’ve prepared, I will heat them in the oven and then add the cold toppings.


I am using reduced fat colby jack cheese and 93% fat free ground beef. I heated 1/2 cup canola oil and after cooking 10 tortillas, there was 1/4 cup oil left in the pan and who knows how much left on the paper towels on which they drained.


I was transported back in time. These were so satisfying.

Pizza Rolls

I ran across this interesting blend of two very different foods, pizza and cinnamon rolls. I am adding pepperoni to the filling. For sauce I am giving this recipe a try. I used only 1 tablespoon of oil to saute a whole onion and garlic, used Splenda instead of sugar and added 1 teaspoon each of fennel and rosemary. I let it cook an hour while the dough rose. I just arranged the pepperoni in rows across the dough. I used 2/3 cup pizza sauce, 200 grams mozzarella and 120 grams pepperoni. 2 of these is about 500 calories.


I had a garlic rosemary blend that I shook on top after brushing with the ICBINB. These smell so good. They are a bit underdone, I will bake them for 5-10 minutes to heat them up for dinner. I’ll give my opinion after dinner.

Even the smell didn’t do these justice. They were so good, everyone was surprised. We were expecting just another form of pizza, but they were much better. I think it was the dough, but the dipping sauce helped as well. Someone wants this every week. (But that makes months worth of food I would have to make every week.)

I made Cocoa Puffs for Miss Picky for breakfast, so I had to have that instead of my usual protein bar. I had Jaeger Schnitzel from the freezer for lunch.

Crispy Deli Rolls

When the Pickiest Eater I Know was young, I made these out of a Pillsbury Bake-Off pamphlet and she kept asking me to make them again. She has now forgotten the recipe altogether because I never did make them again. I am making these now because although they are small but high in calories and a bit fiddly, she will be here for dinner and I want to remind her how delicious they were. Plus, I am running out of ideas. The recipe can be found here. I am using reduced fat crescent roll dough, ICBINB, very lean ham slices and Torani Sugar-free Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup instead of honey and avocado oil mayonnaise in the dipping sauce. I could reduce more if I used low-fat mozzarella but I need to use up what I have. I ended up doubling the recipe and making 8 (2 without spinach), but used only 3 cups Bugles and 3 tablespoons ICBINB for dipping, so the end result is a respectable 480 calories.


It is too bad smell transmitting technology hasn’t been invented because you would want to make these right now if you could smell them!


Yes, it has taken me this long to cook a hamburger for my dinner. Why? Well, they taste good, but they aren’t that special (I love the frozen ones from Costco, just as they are). But then I saw this recipe from Rosie at Wish to Dish. Nearly every element of the burger gets my vote, from the brioche bun, to the arugula garnish. The only things I will alter are using ICBINB, omitting the brown sugar, swapping Marsala for the Vermouth, and using reduced fat Swiss cheese. Oh, and 6 onions for two burgers seems odd (maybe they are small). I will use 2 large onions. I forgot, I used 1/4 pound of 93% lean ground beef for each burger.

Also, I think this might be a good use for the black truffle rub I bought this summer, but I was thinking of stirring it into some avocado oil mayonnaise. That way, those who don’t care for it can skip it. You don’t know how anxious I am for dinner!


This was very good and will be made again!

I had Spaghetti All’ Amatriciana from the freezer for lunch. And several handfuls of the baby arugula I just bought.

Focaccia Sandwiches

I was looking for bread to make panini and rejected the kind that takes 24 hours, due to not starting it in time. But then I found this recipe for an herbed focaccia and have high hopes that it will rival that mix I loved so much. I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil, instead of thyme, I used rosemary, and I left off brushing the top with anything.


They smell just as good as the mix!


I added 84 grams sliced roasted turkey breast and 30 grams of that cranberry Wensleydale. I will cook them tonight on the panini press and will take a photo and give a review then. These come in under 450 calories. The bread was delicious, it will be my new pizza dough of choice. If you don’t need to worry, add more cheese!


I had Chicken Alioli for lunch. And I got my 1,000th like today, WOW! That reminds me to thank you all again for your kind visits and tremendous encouragement.

BLT Crepes

We are gathering again to share Thanksgiving with those not able to make it Thursday. Because of this, I need to make and post dinner early. I am not sure what I will eat for lunch, I will photo my plate but might not have a real good calorie count. Anyway, these cold burrito-style crepes will make an easy and delicious dinner.


I chopped 4 slices of cooked bacon, 12 thin slices of turkey bacon, 2 Roma tomatoes, 1/2 of a ripe but firm avocado (tossed in lime juice), 6 large leaves of Romaine lettuce and mixed in enough olive oil mayonnaise to coat. I made 4 large crepes using 1/2 recipe of a Mabel Hoffman crepe batter (1 cup flour, 1 cup skim milk, 2 eggs, 1/8 teaspoon salt, 1/4 cup butter) but I used canola oil and randomly added 1/2 teaspoon of savory. I have no idea what difference it made in the crepes, but my taste of the filling has me anxiously awaiting dinner.

I hope you all are having a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

Here are my lunch and dessert plates. I only ate 2/3rds of the sweet potato and 1/2 of the bread with ham and gravy on it. See how tiny my bites of treacle tart and cheesecake were? I enjoyed them tremendously though. And dinner was really good!


Quick Pizza

I am going to be out most of the day so I have to prepare dinner and post this before I go. When I was a teen, one of the meals I prepared for the family was either Chef Boyardee or Appian Way Cheese Pizza Kit and then add toppings as desired. It was quick and easy. Today, I am going above that but not quite to the level of from-scratch pizza. When planning a motorhome trip, I bought things that could be made without refrigerated items, including all the fixings for pizza. One of these was Krusteaz Flatbread Mix. (It smells wonderful.) We didn’t end up using it so I wanted to use it before it goes bad. Here is how I made today’s pizza:

* Exported from MasterCook *

Quick Pizza

Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
——– ———— ——————————–
1 package Krusteaz Italian Herb Flatbread Mix
1/4 cup canola oil
1 cup warm water — 115F
2 teaspoons minced garlic
30 grams Mizithra Cheese
3/4 cup pizza sauce
115 grams ricotta cheese, part skim milk — (low-fat)
48 grams pepperoni slice
30 grams diced olives
120 grams mozzarella cheese
78 grams portobello mushrooms

Combine all dough ingredients and mix well. Let rest while oven preheats to 475 degrees F. Spread dough in large (12X17) sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Spread dough with minced garlic and sprinkle with mizithra cheese. Bake for 5 minutes. Combine pizza sauce and ricotta. Spread over dough. Arrange slices of pepperoni and mushroom evenly. Sprinkle with mozzarella. Chill until ready to make. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted.


I originally planned to cut this in 9 pieces, but if I cut it into 12, 2 pieces are still under 500 calories, so that will seem like a big helping! (Notice the lack of olives and mushroom on the far right side? Miss Picky’s share.) I will bake it just before dinner and give a review and picture of my plate after dinner. For lunch I am having a barbecued all-beef hot dog, cooked over a campfire, but I will not be tempted by the s’mores because I really don’t like them.


These were so nice. The herbs in the flatbread mix were excellent!

Salmon Patties

I still haven’t found a way to cook salmon that I actually like. I could always use the tuna loaf recipe, but I thought I might try this recipe since the author assures us that it isn’t fishy-tasting. I could make sandwiches using the English baps in the freezer. I baked the salmon at 300 degrees F for about 40 minutes. Then I flaked the salmon. I used plain bread crumbs but added 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder and I didn’t have an onion so I used french fried onions. They smell really nice and not a bit fishy. We’ll have this on the baps with lettuce and tomato and tartar sauce.


I’ll let you know how they taste after dinner. For lunch I had German Mac N Cheese from the freezer.

Here is my sandwich. It was very good, with only the slightest fishy taste. Everyone liked it.


Prawn Toast

I don’t know how common this dish is in America. I got some frozen shrimp toast recently, but have never seen it in a Chinese restaurant here. I got this recipe here, and it turned out just like I remember it. It is a bit on the fatty side (270 calories) but sometimes you have to have a treat. To go with this, I made the same sauce from Thai Green Curry and added frozen stir-fry vegetables and about 3/4 cup brown basmati rice. That adds about another 200 calories. So that is fine. I would cook the rice separately in the future and add it right at the end, but I wanted to absorb the sauce and the rice did the trick, though it got mushy before the rice all got cooked. It smells fabulous and it will make a nice square meal.


Miss Picky is going to love this dinner.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So here is how I used my share of the Honey Wheat Bread I made this morning (1/2 of one of the six rolls @ 190 calories). You regular readers know I love Havarti, but it is not my favorite cheese, that would be Wensleydale. Every year in the fall I start looking for Costco or Sprouts to start carrying it with anything from cranberries to mango. They have a best before date several months long so I usually buy 6 large wedges, plus what I give away. I usually have a small piece with a bowl of green grapes. It comes from a small town, Wensleydale, in the North of England. They have a factory that gives tours and samples in the gift shop. I love ANYTHING in this cheese! Nobody has any yet, except this gourmet grocer that I visited last night. They had only one small wedge of cranberry Wensleydale in stock, but I was so excited, I could finally post grilled cheese.


Wensleydale grilled cheese sandwiches are so rich, almost too rich. I think they will be perfect made with the Honey wheat bread. If I put 42 grams on it, that will be 170 calories added to the 190 from the bread plus the 1/2 tablespoon ICBINB (30 calories) that I use to  fry it. A side of arugula salad and a simple but very satisfying dinner is complete.


I had forgotten all about this one. We used to have it all the time. Someone always ordered it if we went to Denny’s for dinner. (I always had a French Toast Slam, Denny’s is for breakfast.) You don’t need a recipe for this, look at the picture. But here is Todd Wilbur’s clone anyway. Regardless of its simplicity, it really is a delicious sandwich.


I used havarti instead of Swiss cheese because I love havarti. I used about 1/2 tablespoon ICBINB on each side of the sandwich, and they were nicely crunchy and buttery tasting. I also used Roma tomatoes because they are the only one Someone likes. “I don’t think Denny’s makes them any better,” was Someone’s assessment. At 550 calories, we can have these rarely.

Oops, I forgot to say I raided the Halloween Cauldron for dessert, a fun-size twix bar and a fun-size kit-kat bar for a total of 150 calories. Yum.