As I pass my original 40 pound weight-loss goal, I have been thinking about how easy this has been. I don’t know if a casual reader might think I have made this all up. But unlike the diet-miracle-click-bait that abounds, this really worked. And I assure you that I have lost and regained those pesky 30 pounds over and over. Never was it easy, and never did I enjoy the whole process. I am convinced that the secret to success in weight loss is to:

  • Make a list of your favorite foods (the longer, the better).
  • Buy or make the food and portion it out into weight-reducing portions. (A good target is 500 calories, since that is 1/3 of 1500 calories.)
  • Find something that will make you happy for a treat each day (like my 1/2 cup Dryer’s Slow-Churn ice cream).
  • Keep in mind that you are succeeding and loving what you eat.

It may help to write your progress in a blog as I did, but definitely make a chart of your weight-loss. It is so encouraging to look back at it. If you run into situations that make you go off the plan, recognize them and avoid them. I refused to eat out because I found it hard to regulate how many calories I eat. Fast food is easier, since you can find the calorie counts online and decide ahead of time what you will eat. Don’t deny yourself, just savor small servings of what you love!

I really hope someone who needs this finds it and gives it a try and has the same success I did. If you know someone who struggles with weight, I hope you share at least the idea. I know it isn’t the answer for everyone, but it just might work for you/them.

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