I haven’t been posting because I don’t really think I am reaching anyone with what I was trying to share. I have spent the last month converting my past blogs into a cookbook. Now my home page leads to a collection of all my recipes for easy browsing and locating recipes. My family will appreciate this, for sure. To others, my message continues to be that it is possible to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight. If you are skeptical, as I was, you might want to try what convinced me. I was super busy and bought a bunch of Lean Cuisine TV dinners. I found that I didn’t even realize that most were around 400 calories, but felt satisfied with the meals. In the last year, I became bored of the choices and began making my own pre-portioned meals. Now I have a collection of recipes with portion sizes that make for slow-steady weight loss. Some are very easy, some are time-consuming but I really enjoy the choices I now have and the fact that the calories are already counted for me. I have stalled a bit in my weight loss, but I am still losing (almost 40 pounds down) and I plan to keep going. I am now working on making all the recipes into a pdf, which I hope to upload before too long. In the meantime, I still go looking for new recipes to try and add.

See the cookbook HERE.

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