This week I am reporting a total weight loss of 32.4 pounds. (I have been sneaking snacks without reporting them. I need to make sure I am excited about the menu! I really have no wiggle room.)

4 Feb-Chili Dog Pie! Pillsbury caught me again. I used Mexican chorizo instead of ground beef making the spices unnecessary, and added 1/2 chopped onion,  1 cup (dry) cooked pintos beans, and made my own corn bread (amount calling for 1 egg) to which I added cheese. The salsa must have been very spicy, because I wasn’t expecting as much as there was.

3 Feb-Picky Eater and I threw this Meatball Sub Casserole together for dinner. Instead of store-bought biscuits, I used Todd Wilbur’s Popeye’s Biscuit Clone and used my pizza sauce for the jar of sauce.

2 Feb-The Pickiest Eater I Know and I got left home alone. So, what else would we have but Honey Walnut Shrimp, without the walnuts. It was as simple as throwing rice and water in the rice cooker, the shrimp into the oven and stirring the sauce ingredients together. We are both stuffed, and happy. I want to try it one day with frozen popcorn chicken, I think it might be just as good.

1 Feb-I am excited to share this with you. If you think tamales are too much work, even the very delicious cheese tamales, then I have a solution. I made the dough from the original recipe, by placing everything in the food processor and blitzing until a dough formed (adding water if necessary). I lined a 7X11-inch glass pan with parchment paper, leaving flaps to cover the tamales completely. Half the dough was pressed into the pan, the filling got spread over that layer. For the top, I crumbled the rest of the dough evenly and used the parchment flaps to press the top layer flat. I then microwaved it for 5 to 10 minutes, or until the dough was very firm. They tasted just like the original. You can even slice it lengthwise to look more like a tamale.

31 Jan-I made meatloaf again, but this time decided to try it in the crock pot. I used the Quaker Oats recipe, pressed it into the crock pot and cooked it low for about 5 hours. I thought it was better oven-baked. To go with it and use up some cabbage, I made Colcannon. But I used potato flakes (2 cups dry, prepared as directed), sauteed onions in a little butter, and I added 2 tablespoons low fat ricotta cheese. It was quite tasty.

30 Jan-I used to make Chicken Alfredo Pizza all the time. It was Someone’s favorite. I used canned chicken breast and instead of store-bought dough and sauce I used this dough recipe and this sauce recipe (with only half the milk to make it thicker). As always, the smell of the crust cooking was so wonderful. I thought, “a bakery would really draw people in with this smell wafting out their doors.”

29 Jan-Today I ate normal food all day after the bug last week. I decided to make a batch of Spaghetti All’ Matriciana because the hydroponic herb garden I got for Christmas needed pruning. Someone always comments, “this is better than usual” whenever I use fresh basil rather than dried and this time was no exception. But it was even nicer, since I grew the basil from seeds. I really love having fresh herbs. So much so that I ordered a second unit to grow…arugula!

4 Feb 2018 Protein Bar  Bastilla  Chili Dog PieCornDogCasserole
3 Feb 2018 Protein Bar  Bacon and egg crepe  Meatball Sub CasseroleMeatBallSubCasserole.jpg
2 Feb 2018 Protein Bar  Turkey Enchiladas Quick Honey Walnut Shrimp
1 Feb 2018 Protein Bar  Chili Size  Cheese TamalesCheeseTamales.jpg
31 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Penne Alfredo with Bacon & Sundried Tomato  Meatloaf and ColcannonMeatlofColcannon.jpg
30 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Samosas and Bubble and Squeak Chicken Alfredo PizzaChickenAlfredoPizza.jpg
29 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Ham and Stuffing Casserole Spaghetti All’ Amatriciana

Check out all the recipes HERE.

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