This week I am reporting a total weight loss of 33 pounds.

The last two days of this week were dominated by nausea, echincea tea and toast. Yep, I caught the bug from Someone. I am glad I had that English muffin loaf in the freezer. Sliced thinly and toasted, it was the perfect thing to nibble on. The echinacea tea was instantly soothing as well. Someone bought bananas for a sweet, high-calorie treat that was easy on the tummy. I survived without anything but queasiness. The Pickiest Eater I Know stopped in for 1 night and went home with the bug. I hope she is better today.

Here’s an easy new recipe I found, Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole. Just layer everything in and turn it on! I used only 3/4 cup fontina cheese, and added onions and bell pepper because those are great in hash browns. I got 7-8 servings (Someone is still a bit ill so had a small serving) and it was filling and even The Pickiest Eater I Know liked it.

We ate up all the pumpkin Gnocchi, and everyone loved it. So I had to make another batch. The original picture was good, so I didn’t take a new one.

A 24-hour bug hit, leaving Someone unable to eat normal food. I ended up heating soup and having a meal from the freezer.

I had one last crazy day and ate from the freezer. But all our out-of-town loved ones are gone and we had a quiet evening. When I heated my pizza rolls, Someone asked, “Are there more of those?” It was a little pitiful. And since I have more pepperoni to use up, I am making another batch and am having it two nights in a row.

28 Jan 2018 toast and banana  toast and banana protein bar  toast and banana
27 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Chicken Enchilada Soup  toast and Banana
26 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Hungarian Goulash  Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot CasseroleTaterTotCasserole.jpg
25 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Steak Souvlaki  Pumpkin Gnocchi in Tomato Mascarpone Sauce20170919_130049
24 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Fish and Scalloped Corn Roulade
243 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Samosas and Bubble and Squeak  Pizza RollsPizzaRolls (2).jpg
22 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Chicken Aioli  Pizza Rolls

Check out all the recipes HERE.


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