This week I am reporting a total weight loss of 32 pounds. I keep expecting a slow-down in weight loss but I keep on losing!

This weekend, we celebrated a 90th birthday in the family which had me eating in a restaurant and from the freezer. So the last new recipe is Chicken and Peppers with Pasta from the Land-O-Lakes website. I used ICBINB (sorry LOL) and low fat mozzarella cheese, and only 1/2 cup of the half-n-half and 1/4 cup skim milk. This was another keeper that was nicer tasting than I expected.

I found the recipe for the stuffed pasta shells on the Betty Crocker website. It smelled wonderful and made 8 servings of 6 shells, with 4 left over so I made 7 with 6 shells and 2 with 5. I used dry alfredo mix and made it with ICBINB and skim milk. It was a little dry, so it could have used more sauce. But every one liked it and it was filling. I also used part skim ricotta and made the chicken in my usual manner. The calorie count was around 450.

I realized I had nothing Sweet and Sour on my list, but I didn’t feel like chicken or pork. But I did have a huge bag of meatballs from Costco. These are seriously delicious. So I cooked up this Taste of Home recipe for dinner.

Whoo hoo! The new flavors of Costco protein bars arrived. I ordered the peanut butter with chocolate chunks and the cinnamon roll. I tasted half of each one. I liked the cinnamon roll, but I LOVED the peanut butter (can’t say I tasted chocolate in there). But the sloppy joe was kind of small, so I could afford the 190 calories.

I whipped up a batch of English Muffin Loaves and made that Egg McMuffin Casserole, but this time I used some nice salami I got in a food basket. I thought that since I like salami and egg sandwiches, this would be great. I had a couple of slices of the other loaf for my sandwich at lunch and I just love this bread!

I had a couple of jars of Punjabi Butter Chicken cooking sauce so I cooked a 500 gram chicken breast in my usual way and chopped it up and added 2 cans of french cut green beans. I thought it was really tasty, though it was a bit spicy for some.

21 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Italian Fondue with bread and bell pepper dippers  Chicken and Pepper PastaChickenPepperPasta.jpg
20 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Meatball and Rice Croquettes  Pumpkin Gnocchi in Tomato Marscarpone Sauce
19 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  tacos  1/2 Fundido
18 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Quick Pizza Carbonara Chicken Alfredo Stuffed ShellsStuffedShells.jpg
17 Jan 2018 Protein Bar X 2  Sloppy Joe  Sweet and Sour MeatballsSweetSourMeatballs.jpg
16 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Meatball Sandwich  Egg McMuffin Casserole


15 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  French Dip Monkey Bread  Butter ChickenButter Chicken.jpg

Check out all the recipes HERE.

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