This week I am reporting a total weight loss of 30 pounds.

Colleen at Leen Cuisine came up with another recipe I wanted to try, a turkey kielbasa and gnocchi casserole. I got 6 430-calorie servings. It tasted great and was very filling and satisfying. Thanks, again, Colleen.

Mashed potatoes are high up on my list of comfort foods. Add ground beef in a rich garlicky sauce (I used Progresso Garlic Recipe Starter instead of soup) and throw in frozen mixed veggies for nutrition, top with a bit of cheddar cheese for richness and it makes for a quick, simple, rib-sticking meal. Divided into 6 450-calorie portions!

One of the recipes I’ve chased is one for baguettes. I have never had them come out with the crisp crust and soft interior, so I used the ice cube trick that worked for brotchen. And the recipe linked below couldn’t have been easier, though time consuming; but making this perfect bread was so satisfying! I used frozen meatballs, heated up in a jar of spaghetti sauce for the filling and topped it with low-fat mozzarella.

I have so many cookbooks, it’s time to scour them to find new meals. They might be good, they might be bad, but until I know, I will be excited to try a good-looking recipe. So from Mabel Hoffman’s Crepe Cookery, I decided to try Chicken Divan Crepes. My crepe batter made 16 crepes, so I made 16 to serve 8. They completely filled my lasagna pan! The serving is around 450 calories. The sauce was excellent.

My mother-in-law used to make Family Casserole with only the tomato soup, no chili powder, but everything else the same as the linked recipe. I had a can of “ground pork” that I bought but never used for the camping trip last summer. It was more like a canned pork roast, or even pulled pork. But I thought it would go well in this recipe. And I used whole wheat penne. It was satisfying and tasted fine, but nothing really special. It did make 8 decent portions.

14 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Napa Valley Chicken Salad Pie  White Bean Sausage Gnocchi Bake
13 Jan 2018 Protein Bar Apple Sausage Sweet Potato Casserole  Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Beef Casserole
12 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Salmon Sandwich  Meatball Sub Baguettes
11 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Chicken Marsala Chicken Divan Crepes
10 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Chili Size  Chicken Schnitzel with mixed veg
9 Jan 2018 Protein Bar  Beef Burgundy  Family Casserole
8 Jan 2018 Protein Bar Tuna Noodle Casserole Eggplant Parmesan


Check out all the recipes HERE.

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