As the first week of the new year comes to a close I give the list of foods I ate (with photos of any new recipes) below. Also, I am reporting a total weight loss of 29 pounds. I am back to my strict adherence to my plan. I am quite surprised and delighted that holiday eating slowed but did not derail my progress.

In general, I have lunch from the freezer and make dinner fresh each day. I found a few new recipes this week. As I had expected, Someone LOVED the Crescent Roll Lasagna. Megaman returned home, leaving the nest empty once more (and making me forget to eat breakfast). The White Chili was well received and it tastes better than the ingredient list might make you think. I had forgotten about a Japanese favorite, Tonkatsu and found recipes for it and the sauce, though it is not Bulldog Sauce, unfortunately. Someone hates dry pork, but loved this Tonkatsu. And the week began with a great Thai Salad from Colleen over at Leen Cuisine.

One thing I learned over the holidays was that making my favorite desserts is not a good idea. I am better sticking to ice cream. I love the flavor of these ice creams and find a 120 calorie portion satisfying. Having a treat I can afford really helps. I also need to find a good light that will allow me to photo my plate when I wait until dinner to take the picture.

7 Jan 2018 Protein Bar Rice Croquettes Tonkatsu with Sauce
6 Jan 2018 Protein Bar Cauliflower Cheese Souffle Pepperoni Pasta Salad
5 Jan 2018 Forgot to eat! Prawn Toast
and corn bread stuffing
White Bean Chicken Chili
4 Jan 2018 Protein Bar Chile Relleno Burrito Crescent Roll Lasagna
3 Jan 2018 Protein Bar Panko Breaded Fish and Scalloped Corn Yellow Thai Curry
with mixed frozen veggies instead of potatoes
2 Jan 2018 Protein Bar Samosas & Bubble & Squeek Sausage Pizza Rolls
1 Jan 2018 Protein Bar BLT Salad
omitted cheese and avocado and added olives
Thai Chicken Salad
thanks Colleen!



Check out all the recipes HERE.

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