In my never-ending quest to find a salmon recipe I like, I am going to use a package of Knorr schnitzel breading that I bought at World Market. The first time I used it on chicken, it was so good I almost gave up doing it all from scratch. But it is quite a bit more expensive and requires going all the way to World Market, against just opening the fridge. I think the fact that it contains egg powder explains why it works. But the spices are nice too. Anyway, what do you think? Will it make salmon delicious? I hope so. I cut one 7-ounce piece of salmon into five thin pieces. They will cook very quickly. I think we will try to use up the rest of the spinach in a salad to go with it. If I had to eat Salmon, I would eat this. Still, I’d rather have chicken schnitzel.


Here is a treat stand I made for my Mom. I used a 3d pen to make a bunch of snowflake circles and attached them to a four strand frame. I taped the little tart liners and I will bring this to my parents instead of a plate.


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