I ran across this interesting blend of two very different foods, pizza and cinnamon rolls. I am adding pepperoni to the filling. For sauce I am giving this recipe a try. I used only 1 tablespoon of oil to saute a whole onion and garlic, used Splenda instead of sugar and added 1 teaspoon each of fennel and rosemary. I let it cook an hour while the dough rose. I just arranged the pepperoni in rows across the dough. I used 2/3 cup pizza sauce, 200 grams mozzarella and 120 grams pepperoni. 2 of these is about 500 calories.


I had a garlic rosemary blend that I shook on top after brushing with the ICBINB. These smell so good. They are a bit underdone, I will bake them for 5-10 minutes to heat them up for dinner. I’ll give my opinion after dinner.

Even the smell didn’t do these justice. They were so good, everyone was surprised. We were expecting just another form of pizza, but they were much better. I think it was the dough, but the dipping sauce helped as well. Someone wants this every week. (But that makes months worth of food I would have to make every week.)

I made Cocoa Puffs for Miss Picky for breakfast, so I had to have that instead of my usual protein bar. I had Jaeger Schnitzel from the freezer for lunch.

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