When you are young, you want to master fancy recipes to feel like you have arrived (or something). I made Cream Puffs and was very proud of the outcome. I don’t think I have made them since. The decision to make them now came from a can of shrimp in the pantry, a recipe I came across on Andrea’s Cooking with a Wallflower page, and the memory of a picture of shrimp Vol-au-Vent  in an old cookbook. I like the simplicity of this recipe, so that is what I made. (Cooking directions are here.)

I only made 1/2 recipe of the salad because I just used 1 can of tiny shrimp. (It tastes very nice.) Oh, and I made my own craisins, since I had a bag left from Thanksgiving.


With some of the remaining 17 puffs (100 calories) that I made, I wanted to try this recipe that was mentioned in Hawaii Five-O that I’ve been watching on Netflix. I did a quick Google and found someone’s clone here. I made the icing (using ICBINB and nonfat evap milk), and I will whip up the filling tonight (gotta get cool whip). I’ll post a photo and reviews after dinner.


This was so very, very good! I used skim milk, sugar-free chocolate instant pudding and sugar-free Cool Whip. Someone kept asking “that was sugar free?” and “oh, that bread!”

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