You know who loves Swedish Meatballs? Someone. That is this person’s number one choice in frozen store-bought TV dinners. Does the phrase TV dinner date me? Anyway, dear Ros over at Cooking Up The Pantry gave us her recipe for Ikea-style Swedish Meatballs! I have not had them there as far as I can remember, but they looked good. I halved the recipe and skipped the pork, and mucked with the gravy terribly. Marsala instead of red wine, just water instead of beef broth (because I used the rendered beef drippings instead of butter). But it still looks and tastes pretty nice to me. We’ll have to see what Someone thinks. Broccoli will finish out this dinner.


Someone enjoyed this after adding salt.

For lunch I had Southwestern Eggrolls from the freezer with Guacamole salsa mixed with mayo and sour cream, about 100 calories with of tortilla chips, some roasted veggies and a store-bought jalapeno popper. I skipped ice cream. This was higher than normal but I went on a hike down and up hills and logged 8000 steps, so I think I’ll be okay.

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