I was looking for bread to make panini and rejected the kind that takes 24 hours, due to not starting it in time. But then I found this recipe for an herbed focaccia and have high hopes that it will rival that mix I loved so much. I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil, instead of thyme, I used rosemary, and I left off brushing the top with anything.


They smell just as good as the mix!


I added 84 grams sliced roasted turkey breast and 30 grams of that cranberry Wensleydale. I will cook them tonight on the panini press and will take a photo and give a review then. These come in under 450 calories. The bread was delicious, it will be my new pizza dough of choice. If you don’t need to worry, add more cheese!


I had Chicken Alioli for lunch. And I got my 1,000th like today, WOW! That reminds me to thank you all again for your kind visits and tremendous encouragement.

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