I still had another box of Krusteaz Italian Herb Flatbread that needed using, so I needed a really different pizza than last night’s. This Todd Wilbur knock-off recipe fits the bill! It was in Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2 and was emailed to his mailing list but now will cost you $.79 to buy. So I made the dough like yesterday, cooked the bacon in the microwave and cooked the chicken in my usual manner. Then assembled and baked it at 475 degrees F for 10 minutes. The salad is all there is to make (because of avocado, I will wait until serving time to prepare) and is just a regular salad that gets spread over the hot pizza. It says it makes 8 servings by the original recipe, but I will make just the 6 that I did yesterday. I didn’t praise the dough mix highly enough yesterday. It smells so wonderful, full of roasted garlic, onion and rosemary and probably things I can’t identify. Add in bacon and roasted chicken and you can’t imagine how my kitchen smells right now.


Maybe this picture will convince you to try this, if you can find the dough mix. Each of 6 servings packs about 550 calories, but it’ll be worth it.

I had  delicious Chicken Makhani from the freezer for lunch. I will post a picture of the completed pizza after dinner.


This was as good as I had hoped.

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