I’ve never actually made pierogies, but I love them! We had them once while visiting my grandmother-in-law. They were boiled first and then fried in butter, so good! I always bought them frozen and usually baked them with butter spread on them. I saw Andrea’s post about butternut squash manicotti and thought butternut squash would be good as pierogie filling. I omitted the maple syrup since I don’t want to add more calories than they will already have. But I still baked them (face-down) in a 350 degree F oven for 90 minutes. For the dough, I used this recipe. They look so good in the photo!

This will be a side dish to our dinner tonight, so I will have to tell you how they turned out then.


For lunch I had a German Ham and Cheese Brotchen from the freezer and the green beans left from two days ago. I threw the frozen sandwich into the oven beside the butternut squash and guess what. The top was crisp and crackery, just like when fresh! Problem solved.

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