My kids like Chili’s Restaurant. I don’t really know why. The only thing I have ever had there that is remarkable is this delight (Oops, I forgot about their Enchilada Soup, so good). Todd Wilbur posted the recipe on his site this week even though this was already on my to-do list. Like he says, it is really more of a chimichanga than an eggroll, but the ingredients are fresher than you would get in a chimichanga. I have never used this recipe and I kind of messed it up, since I cooked only the chicken. Everything else is just chopped and layered into the tortilla (including fresh spinach). I think that will give it an even fresher taste. I’ll let you know after dinner along with a picture. Until then you can see what any burrito looks like:


I had taquitos for lunch before I realized I was making this. Good thing I love Southwestern food.


Someone gave the inside a grade of A or A- and the outside an A+. The pickiest eater I know had never had these at Chili’s but said that she doubted Chili’s could make something as delicate and delicious, so mine must be better. High praise, wouldn’t you say? Oh, the dip is just Herdez Guacamole Salsa mixed with avocado oil mayonnaise and some fat-free ranch dressing. The calories for the whole thing are less than 500.

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