I lived on these rolls in my younger days. I even tried to bring some back on a visit to Germany, but no matter what you wrap them in, they are not the same the next day. They either dry out and become hard or they soften and lose that cracker-like crust. (That was the same trip where I had to open my suitcase and there were two bags of Spätzle in it and the inspector asked, “don’t they have noodles where you live?”) It has been so hard to find a good recipe. I have tried to make these many times but this recipe finally produced the crisp outer shell filled with soft bread inside. I should have gone to the deli and got some Black Forest Ham for this but at least I am using Butterkäse. The recipe stated that they can be frozen, thawed and then baked but I didn’t find that to be true when I tried it.

The only change I made was to cut the recipe in half and add 1 cup whole wheat flour instead of 1 of the cups of white. I did wonder about whipping egg whites to stiff peaks and then adding flour and kneading the heck out of them. How does that work? I know I am not a trained chef, but what is the point? I did it anyway and the rolls are magnificent! I got 8 rolls at about 225 calories each.


The sandwiches are just ham slices and käse, but those who wish can add lettuce and tomato and slather with mayo and mustard. And that is what I had for breakfast from a bakery along the walk to work in the old days.


For lunch I had Italian Chicken with steamed veggies from the freezer.

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