At my neighborhood grocery store, I saw HP sauce. I’ve never seen it anywhere here besides World Market. I only have one use for HP sauce and that is on a bacon bap. I’ve never tried it on anything else since I don’t really like ketchup or steak sauce and I usually just like how meat tastes plain. But one time I ordered a bacon bap and it was served with a packet of HP sauce and I decided to try it. It was perfection. So this morning I busied myself with making real English Baps, instead of using store-bought hamburger buns. I have never tried this recipe, but I am hoping it will provide that missing quality. Note that corn flour is corn starch in the US. Also I assume strong flour is bread flour, so that is what I used. Also, I used ICBINB. Also, the recipe says to preheat the oven, then tells you to shape the buns and let them rise for 45 minutes, so wait for 35 minutes.


Mine took only 18 minutes in my convection oven at 400 degrees F. They are huge. The recipe said to make 9, but I made 12, then combined 3 of them and made 4 from that. The big ones are about 300 calories each while the 4 smaller ones are just 200. All there is to do now is cook the turkey bacon I had on hand (I can’t find English bacon/back bacon anywhere around here), butter the buns and serve with a special side dish. Check back tonight to see the complete meal. For lunch I had Coconut Chicken.


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