Costco had the most beautiful pears (oh and by the way they had Eggplant Parmesan again.) I knew we couldn’t eat a dozen before they went bad so I immediately thought of this recipe I saw on my blog friend’s site, Cooking Without Limits. I didn’t follow her recipe as much as just copied the idea. I rolled out half a sheet of my large puff pastry as thin as possible and then cut a 1″ strip for each pear. I did alot of smashing so mine don’t look like  Ros’ masterpieces, but I bet they will be a fantastic dessert tonight. I made myself a half pear using 19 grams of puff pastry to wrap it. I then brushed with milk and baked at 425 degrees F for 25 minutes.


We will probably have them with cream (I might have a dollop of whipped cream) or syrup, honey, vanilla ice cream or whatever people want. Mine will be about 160 calories so that isn’t too bad. I am having Italian Salad from the freezer for lunch. This will be the first time I have tried it after freezing it, I hope it has thawed without incident.

NOTE: I ended up dribbling a bit of Torani Sugar-free Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup on mine with a tiny spray of canned whipped cream. Glorious! And the salad survived the freeze/defrost cycle except the pasta was a bit mushy, which is strange since other pastas have done just fine. Perhaps penne is the one to use for this in the future.

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