Tonight’s meal is not my favorite, in fact I don’t know if I even tasted it, but Someone has fond memories of it. There used to be a restaurant right next to our university called The Good Earth. That is where I tasted the tea I recommended a while back. Most of the Good Earth restaurants are gone. I have tried to find a recipe for this dish in vegetarian cookbooks but never did. The kind writer here succeeded for me. I have substituted low-sodium soy sauce,  low-fat sour cream and cheeses, Marsala replaced the sherry and I used portobella mushrooms instead of button. I have been thinking of boosting our vegetable intake and the nutritional values are a bit impressive. So, I hope I agree with Someone’s taste and this can take a regular place in our menu.


This is one eighth of the batch. It looks a bit messy, but kind of delicious. I tasted a bit of the scraps from the pan and I think I am going to love it. I may revise this with my full opinion after dinner tonight.

Okay, Someone loved it. I think it is a keeper. The walnuts and water chestnuts add such a nice crunch and the portobellas were a good choice as was the Marsala.


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