My restaurant of choice when visiting La Jolla, California was always Aesop’s Table. That is the only place I have ever seen this dish. The restaurant has changed hands and is now called Apollonia Bistro but this is not on their menu. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this dish isn’t even Greek, it is Moroccan. Whatever it is, it is delicious! I haven’t tried this recipe, but since the ones I tried before weren’t quite right, I am giving this a try. I am a bit afraid of the amount of cilantro. I am in the hate-it camp when it comes to cilantro. But since I am the only one of tonight’s diners that has such an aversion, I will follow the recipe exactly. This is one of those meals that I anticipate eating all day!


Look for an update tonight after we eat this. We are having 1/6th of the pie with mixed frozen vegetables.


This delicious recipe is a keeper. For my taste though I would increase the filling ingredients by half again as much and I would chop the almonds very finely. Oh and the cilantro mixed with everything and wasn’t offensive at all.


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