This is another lunch from the freezer. I made this before I decided to limit my meals to my favorites. I had never made either of these things and went looking for good recipes. The Schnitzel recipe is here and the Knodel recipe is here. I also added frozen cauliflower. The meal is under 400 calories. The Knodel are fluffy and have a nice texture. The pork is pretty moist and the sauce is delicious. So, I’d say I would make this again.


I had to open a new carton of ice cream and thought I would snap a picture of the result. For me, a 1/2-cup serving at 120 calories is enough of an indulgence. I wouldn’t have believed it before I tried. I think it has to do with how much I like this particular ice cream. A little of what you love seems to be the key to why I am succeeding.


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