Chris, from Don’t Go Bacon My Heart visited my blog for the first time yesterday. I go to return his visit and what do I find? The perfect dinner for Someone whose birthday is today! I was considering making a clone of Olive Garden’s Fettuccine Alfredo (as well as one for spinach-artichoke dip). But my loved one is crazy about sun-dried tomatoes! The recipe is here. And the only changes I made are I omitted the butter, since the bacon grease was enough fat, used half-and-half instead of double cream and whole wheat penne. I used 8 ounces of the penne and I made this into 8 servings. (I always figure 1 ounce of dried pasta as a serving.) Thanks, Chris!


The guest of honor also loves artichoke hearts so I went ahead with the dip. I am serving pita chips and zucchini slices for dippers. Here is Todd Wilbur’s recipe for the dip. I only substituted canned artichokes for frozen and used nonfat Greek yogurt instead of 2%.

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