Garcia’s is a Mexican Food chain in Phoenix, AZ. They’ve been around over 50 years. They introduced me to the Fundido. Their chicken chimichanga  seems like it is a deep-fried flour tortilla filled with super-moist rotisserie chicken and little else. I am sure there are spices, but though it tastes amazing, I would never want to make it myself. Instead, to make fundidos:

Place El Monterey frozen chicken chimichangas in the fridge over night. Unwrap and place on a baking sheet. Mix equal parts low-fat sour cream and low-fat cream cheese and stir in garlic powder to taste. Spread this somewhat generously on each Chimichanga. Sprinkle a layer of 2% milk fat cheddar cheese or colby jack over each. Bake at 375°F for 20 minutes or until cheese is completely melted.

To accompany this ridiculously indulgent lunch, I roasted frozen mixed vegetables in a 350°F oven after spraying with canola oil and sprinkling with chili powder and cumin.


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