Panda Express gets the credit for introducing this dish to me. I used this recipe and found this replacement for the sweetened condensed milk. I replaced the sugar with Splenda, the honey with Torani Sugar-free Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup, used skim milk and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and made some with pecans instead of walnuts. And If you haven’t tried brown basmati rice, I highly recommend it. I stir-fried frozen mixed stir-fry veggies in a little canola oil with some minced garlic and ginger and a splash of low-sodium soy sauce for a side dish.

Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower has lovely pictures of the process here. She makes it look very glamorous, but I really hate deveining the shrimp. It is an indication of how wonderful this tastes, that I willingly take that task on. I had to place the last serving in the freezer off-limits.

The reason that I will succeed in my endeavor is that I have such glorious food to look forward to that I don’t snack or become fatigued with the regimen. And when a dish is both main course and dessert, you can’t ask for more.


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