My parents had me try this soup at Chili’s. I went looking for a recipe on the internet and found that I already had it in Top Secret Recipes 2 by Todd Wilbur. You can buy just this recipe here. It calls for Velveeta, but I used cheddar cheese. And in place of chicken broth, I like to use water and sodium-free chicken bouillon. In the partial recipe listing above, it gives away the secret ingredient, Masa Harina. I wouldn’t have guessed that, but it is the source of the great enchilada flavor.

Also, there is a fool-proof way to get moist chicken breast meat here. I use it all the time and it never fails me. You can adjust the spiciness by choosing hotter enchilada sauce but I prefer mild green enchilada sauce.


The recipe said it made 12 servings, so that is how I dished it. It seems small but we’ll crumbled Juanita’s tortilla chips and sprinkle a little cheddar cheese on top. I’ll comment upon how filling it is after I eat.

I really didn’t mind the small portion. It was very satisfying. I did enjoy my customary dish of ice cream.

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